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Stores and points of sale

In the admin area, you can now find the "DeliveryWare" item in the navigation. Navigate to the subitem "Shops".

Here you have to create a new store.

For this documentation we use screenshots from the provided demo data for illustration.

Settings: General


  • Active: This switch activates the store so that it can be selected by the customer.
  • Default: This item is relevant if you want to run multiple stores. It decides which store will be preselected later.
  • Max Radius: Here you should specify your delivery radius. No unit should be specified. Enter "10", if you want to deliver within a radius of 10km.
  • Name: Enter the name of your store, as you want your customers to see it later. should see it later.
  • Logo: In this field the assignment of your logo takes place. So that the picture is selectable, this must have been uploaded before under "Content ==> Media". must have been uploaded.

Settings: Contact

  • E-mail: Input field for your e-mail address.
  • Phone number: Input field for your phone number. As the input is made, it will be output later. Spaces and separators are allowed. Example: "0 52 51 / 100 100 100".
  • Fax number: Input field for your fax number.

Imprint and invoice

The data for the imprint and the invoice are entered here.

Settings: Address

  • First name: Input field for your first name.
  • Last name: Input field for your last name.
  • Street: Input field for the street of your location (without house number).
  • Number: Input field for the house number of your location.
  • Zip code: Input field for the zip code of your location.
  • City: Input field for the city of your location.
  • Country: Input field for the country of your location.
  • Latitude & Longitude: These fields are filled automatically as soon as the entries are saved. This is geographical information.

Warehouse Management


If a product is only available in limited quantities over a period of time, you can adjust the availabilities here. adjust here.


If products are available exclusively for this store and should not be displayed in all other stores, then you can assign them here.

Delivery areas

Each store has its own delivery area. You have the choice between delivery area by radius or by postcode area. by postcode area. Here you can also set the minimum order value for delivery. The minimum order value only applies for delivery - not for self-collection.

Time settings

For the correct determination of the delivery times, you must enter a time zone here. In addition an estimated preparation and delivery time.

You can then configure the opening and delivery times for each day of the week.


Here you will find an overview of all orders received for this store. You have the option of displaying the order details directly.

Other settings

Sales channels

This store is exclusively bound to one or more sales channels and is not displayed in other sales channels. in other sales channels.


Configure your delivery service for meals, optionally you can add a GPS tracking code. This allows your customers to follow the delivery live.


Each store can have several receipt printers, so the order can be printed quickly and easily.

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