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How can I get started with DeliveryWare?

All you need is a Shopware 6 installation on your server and our Foundation Plugin. The popular store system serves as the basis for our extension. You can easily get DeliveryWare from the official Shopware Store and link it to your Shopware 6 installation. You can integrate demo packages by 1-click installation. That's it! Now you have a clear path for your own delivery service.

How does the receipt printer connection work?

To enable you to print your orders in your restaurant, we have developed an interface to the receipt printer. The interface currently only works with the Star EMEA receipt printer. How to connect the receipt printer to our interface you can find in our documentation.

How does the GPS tracking app work?

To make sure that your customers and you as a store owner always know the location of the current order, we have developed the GPS tracking app for DeliveryWare. Your delivery people install the app on their smartphones and then link the app to your store. The GPS tracking can be de-/activated in the app before and after the order delivery. The app is also available 100% free of charge for DeliveryWare customers. You can easily download the app for your delivery customers in the DeliveryWare administration area.

What is the Restaurant - Search Portal?

The search portal is a global search engine for all stores using DeliveryWare. The customer searches for a restaurant nearby and gets an overview with available stores. If your delivery radius matches the customer's location, your store will be listed automatically and the customer can order from you. Practical or? This service is 100% free of charge for you! As a store owner, you take care of the data maintenance in your DeliveryWare administration dashboard. The search engine indexes you fully automated.

How do I install the demo packages?

This function was completely moved to AppflixFoundation because it is needed for all our themes!

DeliveryWare itself already comes with a pre-built store for the classic delivery service. When you install DeliveryWare you get a completely configured system including products and images. Of course you can use this feature for your needs and modify it. If you don't want to use the classic delivery service, you can easily download our demo packages for free and install them in your Shopware 6 system. You will see, your store will be completely rebuilt and configured in the background within seconds. You can switch between the packages at any time without technical problems.

Are other plugins compatible with DeliveryWare?

We have made a basic revision of the Shopware 6 system with DeliveryWare. Additional plugins from the store are usually designed for the Shopware 6 standard. Thus, it may be that for the reibunglsose integration of the extension must be touched up by a Shopware 6 expert. In general, most plugins are compatible with DeliveryWare. Since we rely 100% on Shopware 6, you have the advantage of benefiting from the broad community. There are countless developers and agencies that specialize in Shopware 6 and will be able to extend DeliveryWare to your needs without any problems.

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