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Configurator (options)

With DeliveryWare it is possible to add additional options to the individual categories. For example, for a salad there are always certain dressings to choose from or the customer should have the option to choose the size of a pizza.

For this documentation, we use screenshots from the demo data provided for illustration purposes.


Create ptions

In the administrator area under "DeliveryWare ==> Options" there is the Possibility to create own options.

  • Name: In this input field the name of the operator must be deposited. This name will also be displayed in the frontend.

  • Type: There are several types to choose from:

  1. Simple selection: In the form of a dropdown. Select this field for later price calculations (price factor).


  1. Radio button selection: This option is a list selection with absolute prices.


  1. Checkbox selection: This is a multiple selection.


  1. Text field:


  • Unit: (Only relevant for single selection)
  • Reference unit: (Only relevant for single selection)
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